Note From Principal Balmat

Stanley Middle School


Our recently promoted Stanley Middle School Wildcats have seen more than the typical adventures and challenges of middle school - as a result, they have emerged as special, stronger young adults.

The first day as a sixth-grader can be overwhelming in the most normal year; this group got to deal with the added excitement and distractions of a solar eclipse. Later in the year, they experienced and participated in school walkouts related to school shootings and the environment, subjects many adults find difficult to con- front. During seventh grade, they navigated the renovation of our campus and the attendant chaos of construction. Eighth grade began with devastating fires and rolling blackouts.

Finally, they spent their final months at Stanley navigating the fear and disruption of a global pandemic, while still navigating the typical challenges to learn and grow faced by every generation of middle schoolers. But through these trying, anxious times, this special group of Wildcats remained strong and embraced this year's Stanley theme that "What You Do Matters." They took the responsibility of social distancing seriously yet committed to remaining together while apart, and thus provided a vivid reminder that a true community can't be cancelled.

This Stanley class will not be remembered for the events that occurred around them but rather how they have grown during their time here. The world is changing around them and they are changing along with it - into something bold and resilient and wonderful. They have navigated so many things that have challenged them and taught them and brought them one step closer to the amazing adults they will each become.

We appreciate each and every one of these Wildcats and are proud of all that they have accomplished while they were at Stanley. Even though they are off to be a Don or a Mat or a Cougar or some other mascot, we will always be happy to hear from them, we will always be very proud of them, and they will always be Wildcats.