Stephanie Liu

Saranap Area


Favorite subject your senior year: I like all my classes, but I'd choose AP Comp Gov or AP Lit if I had to pick

If applicable, list some activities you were part of during high school: Choir, A Cappella, Blueprint (school magazine), Mock Trial

Unfinished, a haiku
it feels wrong to leave
it be-- there has to be a
conclusion-- right? Right?

Untitled snippet
It’s not all bad:
But it feels like it right now.
I practiced padding around my room
Pretending to be a ghost,
And wished I had some privacy
To do it with

warm weather unwelcome, a haiku
stay away, summer!
i wanted life to pick up
right where it left off

post-zoom gloom, a haiku series
it feels too ugly
to admit that i’m lonely--
so i won’t do that.

flop over to my mom
and wordlessly, sullenly
demand her pity.

new best friends, a haiku my ukulele
and the bees in my backyard
never felt this loved