Ruby Koehler

Central Lafayette Area


Favorite subject your senior year: AP Comparative Government

If applicable, list some activities you were part of during high school: Swim Team

103 Days of School

Our last day of school was a Thursday. I had a math quiz, and we discussed Wuthering Heights in AP Lit. Because I have 6 classes, I vanished from campus by lunchtime. Wednesday was my last full day on campus. Before school, I had a tearful yet brief mental breakdown about my fourth-period AP Comparative Government test that I hadn’t had time to study for, though my eyes were dry by the time my seven-minute car ride to school (supplemented by some uplifting music) was over. I took the test, felt pretty horrible about it (which my test grade later reflected), and poked at my friends during Academy in Mrs. Stanton’s room because we were too distracted to accomplish anything productive. I then breezed through a Spanish quiz, had an early release for our first swim meet of the season at Las Lomas, and swam my usual combo of 50 fly and 100 free. Despite not making any best times at the meet, I felt my excitement for the rest of the season grow. I became short-tempered after accidentally locking myself out of my car once the bus dropped us off back at Acalanes, cursing my bad luck. What a long day it had been. If only I knew that was my last opportunity to lock myself out of my car in the Acalanes parking lot. None of us could have predicted that our last day of high school would happen before we would have the chance to experience senior ball, take our AP tests, announce our future plans, or even scratch the surface of spring sports. Although I had fully prepared myself to miss my friends and swim, I never expected to long for the small things–even the chaos of homework, tests, presentations and friend drama.