Maddie Wilson

2019-20 Acalanes Student President


Dear Lafayette Residents,

I'm a 2020 senior at Acalanes High School. I have gone through all the emotions in the past few weeks, from denial to anger to sadness to acceptance. The current situation of the world is scary and full of uncertainty, and I feel incredibly lucky to live in a com- munity like Lafayette. In the grand scheme of things, I recognize that my problems are largely insignificant, and I often feel guilty for feeling sad. I know my peers and classmates would say the same thing. Nonetheless, having your senior year cut short is upsetting. We work so hard all throughout high school in anticipation of the last few months of senior year. We won't get to experience things like prom, Time of Reflection, our last day of school or graduation.

It took me a few weeks, but I have finally come to accept our current situation. Quarantine has helped me find a new appreciation for my friends, family, and classmates. In the past four weeks, I've gotten to spend more time with my two younger brothers than I have in the past year. I have bonded with other seniors over this shared experience. I have gotten to watch our community rally behind the Class of 2020 and deck Lafayette out in all blue, and most importantly, I have learned to never take anything for granted. The Class of 2020 has always been special, and our strength and resilience through this time only further proves that. I am sending my love to all my fellow seniors and community members - the best way to get through this is together!