Ivy Souza

Central Lafayette Area


Favorite subject your senior year: Psychology

If applicable, list some activities you were part of during high school: Varsity Soccer

Here’s to the class that never got the ending we truly deserved. I am extremely thankful for the last four years I have spent at Acalanes High School. I try not to think about all of the activities we didn’t get to do, but instead focus on what we did get to do as a class during the time we had at Acalanes. I made sure to value and cherish every day of my senior year because I would be spending these last moments with the best class. Everyone has had to sacrifice something important to them, and that creates a unique bond that the class of 2020 will share forever. During this difficult time, I have an even fonder and larger love for this class. I already had such a love for this class, but all of this chaos in the world has only brought us closer and made us stronger as a whole. I believe the class of 2020 will always be remembered at Acalanes and the phrase “Once a Don, always a Don” will now be in my heart forever. All we have to do now is continue to stay positive and not focus on all of the negatives. The class of 2020 is strong, and we will always be remembered for our spirit, passion and kindness. I have said it countless times and I will say it again: Go Dons, and much love for my fellow seniors.