Charlie Keohane

Central Lafayette Area


Favorite subject your senior year: Comparative Government

If applicable, list some activities you were part of during high school: Track & Field, Blueprint Staff Writer and News Editor, AUHSD Student Governing Board Member

A Not Very Golden Goodbye

California, I’ve taken you for granted for far too long. I had to leave my home state to realize what a wonderful place it really is. In 2018, as a rising junior, I went to Boston University for a two-week journalism program, where I was surrounded by fellow writers from all over the world. During icebreaker games, we often shared where we were from. When I said the San Francisco Bay Area, many of my peers were intrigued by the “California lifestyle” and thought that it was such an interesting place to live. When I returned home, I had a new perspective on my home and its vibrancy. Although I planned to attend college on the East Coast, I knew I’d always be a Golden State girl at heart.

So that’s why, before I spend my next four years in rural Vermont, I am so excited to spend my summer exploring my home state and revisiting my favorite gems. I can’t wait to hike along the beautiful Point Reyes Seashore and among the giants at Redwood Regional Park. My stomach growls just thinking about a trip into the Mission District for fresh tacos and chili wontons. I want to soak in the last bit of childhood nostalgia by stopping by Crab Cove, where I had one of my first field trips in kindergarten, and to stroll along the beaches of Fort Funston, where I scattered my dog’s ashes years ago. I might even be a tourist for a day at Fisherman’s Wharf.

That is what I will do “when life returns to normal,” when the restaurants and beaches open again and I can safely spend time with my friends. I hope for one last, carefree summer embracing the adventure of the Bay Area before I get a job or start an internship. I’m sad to think that in September, I’ll be a world away from this Golden State without having had the proper time to say goodbye.