Celebrating the One & Only Barbara Gilmore!


After nearly 14 years as the membership director for the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, our beloved Barbara Gilmore has retired. She has spent a lot of time bringing our community together, and now is our chance to let her know how much she means to all of us!

Please contribute to the LOVE and add your memories and gratitude for Barbara!

Suzanne Pestal

Las Trampas School

Congrats on your retirement! You've always been there for Las Trampas and we truly appreciate all of your hard work through the years. You helped me navigate through the nonprofit arena and connections in Lafayette. We will miss you. Enjoy the Happy Years. Thank you so much.

Beverly Schmidt

The Grapevine

Barbara it has been a pleasure knowing you and working with you. You have been so positive, kind and generous - always looking for ways to help us grow our businesses. What will the festival do without you?! Now go out and enjoy life with your husband and family! You are the best. Beverly. Barbara, I will miss you. I have loved working with you and appreciate your help, hard work and kindness. Relax and enjoy your time with your husband and family. The best of everything!!

Niroop K. Srivatsa

City of Lafayette

Welcoming, caring, friendly, helpful, warm, a ray of sunshine - that's Barbara. I looked forward to her calls because her message was always positive and upbeat. Thank you Barbara for being Lafayette's #1 brand ambassador! I will miss working with you.

Diane Barbera

Bank of the West Manager, Retired

Barbara is the most welcoming and loving person I have ever met! She always has a beautiful smile on her face and is the perfect representative of what community is all about!! She has brought us all together for the past 14 years with her personal touch and her caring heart. She truly cares about your success as a business owner and will be your best advocate for your business! Compassionate, honest and always ethical she will be sorely missed!

Jennifer Perlmutter

Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery

You will he missed! Thank you for all you’ve done to support and encourage small business owners. Enjoy some “me” time and rest ?

Chris Laszcz-Davis

The Environmental Quality Organization, LLC

Always available, always helpful, very professional!! Absolutely the best!

Yolanda and Michael Heller

BMW Concord

We have worked together for so many years and now it is time to say "Thank you" to Barbara for all of her efforts and dedication. Barbara has walked so many miles to solicit new members to build our Chamber and then spent many, many hours setting up and taking down events to promote Lafayette and Lafayette business. She has used her car and her husband's car to carry things back and forth from the office and always with a smile. Many evenings at Rock the Plaza she was the last person to leave, rounding up all the sign and whatever was left over. Love and Hugs, Yolanda and Michael Heller

Anne Birdsong

J McLaughlin

Her beautiful smile proceeded her when we first met in the J.McLaughlin store in La Fiesta Square. From day one she was the most welcoming presence for the City of Lafayette. As I was new to the City, she literally lit the way for me. We shared lovely events, challenges and joys that come with growing a business in our Community. All my hats go off to Barbara!! Hip hip hooray!

Ellen Walters, Kathy Barleen, Jeanette Baird, Deb Kwan, Debbie Newcomb


Our LOVELY Barbara! Barbara Gilmore is a MOST amazing woman. She’s one of six friends who, for the last 13 years have come together annually to spend some memorable quality time. Barbara equates quality with exploring and adventure, closeness, deep and meaningful conversations, horses, fishing, quiet reflection, and gratitude for life. She takes great joy in connecting with and helping others, both professionally and socially. She’s a “connecter”, always listening, thinking, and sparking others lives into greater possibilities and growth. We love her, and look forward to many years of “Girl’s Trips”! Congratulations on your retirement BG!

Norma Evan


I do not have a particular memory but just truly a feeling of her helping and contributing to the good of the chamber and our Lafayette community. Always willing to help anyone, support anyone, care for anyone, go the extra time to help individuals with their businesses but also to help people out with their personal lives too! I have helped out at the chamber since 1989 and any and all the times I worked with Barbara she always thanked me for whatever I did, big or small. We are so very fortunate to have had her working at our wonderful chamber all these years but most of all being such a intrical part of the Lafayette community. Yes, it was a "part-time" job but she gave our Lafayette community 100% commitment to us all!

Kyle Sumner

Hero Holds

I met Barbara the moment I walked into the Lafayette Chamber for the first time. She was incredibly welcoming and friendly. She introduced me to the rest of the Chamber Team, and encouraged me to get involved with Young Professionals and the Art and Wine Team. I’m so grateful for her continued efforts to be such a positive contributor to the Lafayette community. Thanks Barbara!

Jay Lifson

Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

There are different approaches a business can take to create a positive working space. If we could all learn one thing from Barbara it is "Be a good listener first and a resource second." Barbara, it was easy so easy to be co-workers, friends and family all at the same time. Barbara is the best example of "People like doing business with the people we know, like and trust."

Pamela Double

Home Helpers

On a business note Barbara always tried to connect me with contacts for our homecare company while doing it as if it were a casual friend connection. On a personal note Barbara has a way of making everyone feel they are so special. I feel so fortunate our paths have crossed.

Christine Raymond

Lafayette Social

When I first connected with Barbara back in 2017, shortly after I had moved to Lafayette, Barbara immediately helped to connect me with many business owners, many of whom are now new friends. I was and continues to be SO grateful to Barbara! Enjoy your retirement, Barbara!

Dr. Mei Fleming

Luminance Vision Optometry

Barbara!! Thank you for welcome me and my new business to Lafayette in 2017! You were instrumental in making me feel part of the community. I will always remember your graciousness. Wishing you a happy and healthy retirement. This community will miss you. ??

Sherry Clingan

K-9 Kitchen

Relentless enthusiasm in recruitment and support! Thank you for always being there!

Christina Iguodala

Pillar Cowork

We echo what the rest of the community has said - thank you Barbara for welcoming us with such enthusiasm and encouragement!!! It meant so much as a new business to have that kind of support ???? wishing you all the best  ❤️❤️❤️

Gillian Gray

Rose & Heather Tours

Barbara exhibited extraordinary warmth and encouragement plus grace under pressure. ? Thanks for everything and hope to see you in the not-too-distant future ??⚘