Restaurant Socials


Lafayette Social, in partnership with Local Food Adventures, is launching a fun and yummy program - Restaurant Socials!

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Kicking us off is RÊVE Bistro - our neighborhood French bistro.
5-star chef Paul Magu will be preparing an exquisite 4-course meal for us.
Guests will be responsible for contributing $30/person for the wine pairings and tip (cash is requested).
Photos will be taken so be prepared to raise your glass and smile.

When: Thursday, July 18 at 6pm

RSVP below or by DM on our Instagram or Facebook page - links in footer

This first event is coming together quickly so the invitation is only appearing on our social media!

RVSP [Rêve Bistro Sold Out]

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Want to know more? Here’s how the program works:

  • One of our outstanding local restaurants hosts a group of guests (Lafayette residents and a few of our tremendous business partners).

  • The restaurant owner determines the number of guests, the day and time, and the menu.

  • An invitation is included in the publication and posted on LS social media. The guest list will be filled on a first-respond basis.

  • Limited to 2 guests per RSVP.

  • Guests are responsible for their own adult beverages and to contributing to a really nice tip for our servers.

  • Photos will be taken and will appear in the publication and on social media.

  • Guests will be asked to share their favorite dishes and experiences.

  • An article covering this special gathering will be created for a future issue of Lafayette Social.

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