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It’s All About You & Your Neighbors!


Lafayette Social is a magazine created for and by the residents of Lafayette. This is where neighbors can share their stories with one another. It is intended to be a reflection of our town and its residents’ different interests, passions, and activities. Why share? Because it’s fun and it helps to foster a greater sense of community throughout town. You can also nominate your neighbors. The guidelines are simple: keep it local, positive, uplifting, and inclusive.

Recommended submissions:

PICTURES – Everyone loves pictures! Parties, graduations, vacations, around town, holiday gatherings, or just going to the beach or taking a hike! Pictures are an easy way to contribute to Lafayette Social as well as bring smiles to your fellow neighbors’ faces.

NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS – Shared planned activities in your neighborhood, such as parades, block parties, barbecues, neighborhood cleanups, school picnics, fundraisers, pool parties, planting daffodils, etc. 

WHERE ARE THEY NOW – This feature is where we celebrate young adults that grew up in Lafayette and have moved on to start their career, or to explore other passions and adventures.

MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS – Have you ever wished you knew your neighbors better? Well, here is a great way to get to know more. Each family has the opportunity to be featured. If you don’t have any great family photos to share, we can arrange a free, mini photo session. Your family will look amazing in print! 

PETS WITH PERSONALITY – Introduce your pet to your neighbors. Whether you have traditional or a more unusual pet, we’d love to hear all about what makes them such special members of your family. 

LEARNING & EDUCATION – Do you want to unfold something special or important with others? Well, we have a great feature for you! This is where lifelong learners (of any age) share their passions and interests.

HOME & GARDEN – Share your new addition, beautifully decorated rooms, gardens, or outside living spaces with your neighbors. You can also flatter a neighbor by nominating them for this special spotlight! 

CHARITABLE PASSIONS – We all have our special charities and community passions. Spotlight your favorite charity so others in Lafayette can learn about the organization and better understand why it is so important. 

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT – Recognize and congratulate your kids for their sport, academic, or other achievement and hobbies—black belt, honor roll, scholarship, volunteer work, graduation, music, art, theater. 

SOPHIE’S KID-TO-KID COLUMN – Our very own Sophie Delaplane loves to meet new kids in town and share their interests and activities. This is a great way to meet other kids in Lafayette that share your passions!

TRAVEL TALES – This is a really fun feature. When you travel near or far and take photos, consider sharing your favorite vacations and adventures with your neighbors. Captions are definitely encouraged! 

RESIDENT RECIPE – This is where you can share a special recipe with your neighbors. All that’s needed are the ingredients and preparation advice, and a photo or two are always nice, too! 

I REMEMBER WHEN – Share your special stories or nuggets of history about Lafayette with your neighbors. Photos and captions are definitely encouraged! 

ODDS & ENDS – Post notices about upcoming charitable events, social gatherings, a fun photo, or a suggestion or thought you’d like to share with your fellow neighbors. Announce the birth of your newest family member, or wish someone a very happy birthday! 

You can submit through the form above, or email your stories and ideas, photos, and any captions to!